The "What Are You Currently Playing" Thread


was saying boo-urns
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  • Aug 14, 2020
    Wisconsin, USA
    What's everybody currently playing?

    Right now it's Ghost Recon Breakpoint (got a stream coming up this weekend), some AC Valhalla, and I finally picked up Death Stranded (such a beautiful game, and disturbing, too).
    Nice choices, bud! I am almost exclusively playing No Man's Sky at the moment. It has gotten SO richhhhh, it's amazing how it has changed over the years. I also went through a hefty Ooblets phase, that's the cutest little game :giggle:
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    Will Leffert
    Will Leffert
    I played NMS when it came out, and it was super appealing to me much like Minecraft when it was in alpha. However, once I "beat" it, I just couldn't bring myself to come back, despite all the additions they've made to the game.
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