Really love our clients!


was saying boo-urns
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  • Aug 14, 2020
    Wisconsin, USA
      Hey everyone ? I was just browsing through our social media and our portfolio, and I thought I'd share a little about a project that I adored working on. I like to brag about my amazing team, ok?

      The project was for Synyster Gates Guitar School. Take a look here if you'd like. Not only was the project an incredible learning experience, but it was very fun, unique, and we built a stellar relationship with our client. We helped to create a new space to host their lessons and an amazing community of fellow guitarists that can encourage and learn guitar together! ?


      Comment below, I'd love to hear your input ?


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    • Aug 12, 2020
      Madison, WI
        Love this project and love this community! Both the community leaders and all of the students on the site are great to work with and we've seen a lot of success in engaging members by running contests and gamifying the site using achievements/leaderboards ❤️