ACE for Xenforo

Audentio community experience for XenForo is a rich, modern web experience for your community platform. Explore Feeds and our sleek AC.UI theme in this video.
Keyboard concern

Keyboard concern

  • Leebo Leebo
  • Jul 20, 2021
Here’s a recording of the keyboard I was talking about Mike
Here are some updates to our Community App, including: - Better native rendering of threads - A new feeds experience that functions more like what social media users are used to - Profile posts / status update feature - In-app purchases / user upgrades - WordPress integration - Nav restructure
Dog in a box

Dog in a box

You've seen cat in a box plenty, but have you ever seen dog in a box?
See how you can give your forum a social-media like feel with one of our newest products. This feeds experience helps promote content, target certain user groups, offers paid options to promote, and more. Take a look here:
With Article Forum Connect, you can easily connect comments/posts utilizing session cookies or linking WordPress & XenForo accounts without requiring the forum and blog to be on the same server.
With the world forever changed, connections made through online communities are more important than ever before. This is an incredible brand video for our community services, which we stand by so proudly and believe in so deeply.

Among Us Tournament

In December 2020, we had an incredible gaming event, playing Among Us and raising donations for St. Jude. Keep your eyes peeled for future gaming events from us - this tournament was hopefully one of many.

catch and dunk

Rocket League
A sneak peek at our Wellness add-on before it was released. Learn more about encouraging wellness in your online community by visiting And take a closer look at this add-on here:

Audentio's 14th Anniversary

A big thanks to all of you who have been a part of our Audentio family over the years!
Legend Theme

Legend Theme


Read more about the DAPS social media management app here: